Our Team

Josh Fowler - President & CEO


All you need to know: Husband, dad, musician, film maker, director, strategist, salesman, and creative. That about sums it up.  

Susan Fowler - Vice President & Partner


Expert photographer, genius mom, and can literally outwork anyone. She's the real brains behind the operation, and the reason for success in the Fowler Family!

Savannah Tilghman - Content Creation Ninja


A video and photo wonder. Straight unicorn status. The driving force that helps to sustain Armaloo. 

Zoey Ackermann - Assistant and Social Media Savant


Zoey is our intern from Tabb High's Mentorship program, but "mentor" doesn't even begin to describe her talent! You can find her helping out with projects and keeping Armaloo social media alive and well!